"MIRACLE BARRIER is a five star product!"

Marcella Viteri   - Stylist

"I think its miracle goo!"

Desiree Prim    - Master Illusionist

"I love it! I wouldn’t use anything else. I am a long time hairdresser and I have tried many things, but nothing works like MIRACLE BARRIER!"

Joy Fields   - Master Hairstylist/ Colorist/ Wedding and Extension Specialist

"Incredible product! Phenomenal around the hairline it protects the skin from staining and I still get 100% color coverage!"

Lin Moser ABCH (American Board Certified Haircolorist) and Hair Extension Technician

"It is an amazing product! I put it on and around the hairline; it does not matter if it gets on the hair the hair will color with 100% coverage with out staining the skin! This is great for my clients who are getting their grey covered. MIRACLE BARRIER is absolutely incredible I just love this product!"

Patricia Hill  Stylist/Colorist/ Special occasion UP-Styles

"I Love MIRACLE BARRIER! Its awesome! My clients love it too because it dose not leave any stains on their skin."

Keri Gutierrez Hairstylist/Barber/ Color specialist for Men and Women

"I really Love it! I love the fact that its safe over the hair but still allows the grey to be covered 100%! I really recommend this product to other hairdressers."

Dolores Adame  Master Stylist/Colorist

"I use MIRACLE BARRIER on women and men clients. I use it on my red hair clients it is amazing and does not stain! Most men stain badly but with MIRACLE BARRIER it worked great with no staining. My #1 product with my level 5 and under clients!"

Russell Cunningham / J. Russell! The Salon in Palm Desert and Newport Beach, CA

"Product is amazingly pliable. MIRACLE BARRIER is a great hair color block and my favorite on the market, nothing else works like this!"

Javier Campos owner of Javiers the Salon & Day Spa in Riverside CA

"Absolutely love the product and my clients love it too!"

Tami Draper owner of Sensational Hair Salon / Stylist and Master Colorist

"Such an amazing product, can’t say enough!!! Can’t be without it!"

Lorraine Padilla /Colorist/Stylist

"I love it and I get good coverage even if it gets on the hair! I used it on a gentleman client with male pattern baldness and it colored the hairs on top of his head and did not turn his scalp dark!"

Olga Gilbert / Stylist

"The product MIRACLE BARRIER works fantastic! I do not have to worry about getting the product on to the hair I am coloring especially when covering Grey. I have been doing hair since 1985.  I am an educator, Master Stylist and a Master Critic, This product is the best I have ever used!"

Lynnette Pool